Catch your dream trophy!
Visit us to catch halibut, hike in the mountains, breathe the sea air and relax in the silence of the Norwegian scenery.
Catch your dream trophy!
Visit us to catch halibut, hike in the mountains, breathe the sea air and relax in the silence of the Norwegian scenery.
Senja camp is a base in North Norway, in the fishing village of Grøllefjord. Senja Island is the most visited place in North Norway. Locals call this region a miniature Norway because it features every famous landscape type of the country, and National Geographic dubs this region 'The Pearl of Norway'.

It is a fantastic place to relax with family or friends, go out to sea for fishing or take a walk in the surroundings.

We will provide you with a boat, arrange fishing with a professional guide, get you to know the countryside and help to get to the airport.

Throughout the year, we catch saithe, sea bass, halibut, sea pike, haddock, catfish, flounder in our village.

In winter, the Atlantic migrating cod is popular from January to May, and the skewer fishing from late February to May.

During the summer months, thanks to the polar day, you can fish around the clock. From late July to early September, mackerel are great to catch.

The salmon season lasts from May 15 to September 1, but you can take the trophy with you from June 15 to August 15.
Guide in Senja Camp
If this is your first sea fishing trip, we recommend hiring a guide. He will show you how to safely operate the boat, choose gear, and haul in the big fish.

Vladimir is a professional guide with 20 years of Atlantic fishing experience, including 7 years in Ireland and 13 years in Norway.

Martinas is a salmon fishing guide with 10 years of experience.
Fishing guide
Up to 4 hours
Pike or trout fishing
February & March
Guide, travel, gear rental
Salmon fishing
June to August
Guide and travel
Salmon fishing in the fjord

Middle of May to the middle of July.

Boat and gear rental, guide.

There are three types of boats at the base:
they are stable and economical, with a spacious deck. The boats are 5.5 m long, accommodate 6 people and have a power of 90 hp.

Arvor 230AS is a comfortable and safe boat with a semi-planing hull (semiplanning hool), the best version in its class, heated cabin, downrigers can be installed for an additional fee. Length - 7.5 m, width - 2.40 m, mercruiser turbo diesel engine, maximum speed - 23 knots
Each boat is equipped with professional echo sounder, navigation, radio station, holders for 8 rods and an anchor with 50-meter rope. Just in case, we can provide life jackets and parachutes to slow down the drift.
Boats are equipped with life rafts and radio.

Boat rental Kaasbøl 590 or MS SEA 550
For 1 week
Boat rental Arvor 230AS
For 1 week
Room and boat rental
For a week for 2 people
House and boat rental
For a week for 1-4 people
House and boat rental
For a week for 5-6 people
Accomodation with comfort
Spacious 2-storey house overlooking the fjord, port and mountains. First floor has a large, bright living room, fully equipped kitchen and access to the terrace with barbecue area. 3 bedrooms with 6 lined beds are on the second floor. Spacious bathroom. Outside the house there is a room to clean the fish and dry the gear. The house has Wi-Fi, as well as a pool and a ping pong table, and a sauna for getting warm in the evening.

Check out our video about the house:

If you want to come in a very small group, or just for a few days, we suggest staying in the double rooms of our hotel:
2100 Евро
Price per week. The price includes a boat 
2400 ЕВРО
Price per week. The price includes a boat
75 EUR
Price per day
Fishing rod with a reel
80 EUR
Price per week
400 EUR
Price per week
120 EUR
After your checkout
50 EUR
3 hour session
70 EUR
Price per week
You don't need to bring everything with you. You can rent a fishing suit and fishing rods with a regular or electronic reel.

Senja Camp has a guide, who will arrange a mountain hike, a trip to the Sámi Museum or the Anderdalen national park for you and recommend the local sightseeing routes.

What else can you do?
You can reach the village via a 3-4 hours drive from Tromsø or Bardufoss airports. You can rent a car at the airport or book a transfer with us.
How to get to Senja Camp?
The village has a cafe, bar, gas station, post office and an ATM located just 300 meters from the house.

What does the village have?
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Weather in Grüllefjord
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